200 Covers / Editions of Pride and Prejudice

2013 marks the 200th anniversary of Pride and Prejudice‘s first publication. I, like many others, adore this novel. I love the romance, the humour, the social commentary, the satire… Every time I read it I take something new away. So in honour of this book’s 200th birthday, I have collected 200 different editions with 200 different covers. There are also graphs, because who doesn’t love a good infographic?

Thomas Egerton published the first edition of Pride and Prejudice in three hardcover volumes on 27 January 1813, with a second edition  published in November that year after the first sold out. The style of the first edition –relatively plain with some tasteful curlicues around the edges – is fairly typical of an old, casebound book.

1813 T Egerton First Edition

1813 T Egerton First Edition in three volumes

I haven’t managed to find many other editions from the 19th Century, but here they are:

Of the above, my favourite is the 1894 Peacock edition. Peacocks are used repeatedly on Pride and Prejudice covers, but in this case I think the first use is the best example. This brings me to my first infographic: the top ten elements shown on Pride and Prejudice covers.

Top 10 Elements Featured on Pride and Prejudice Covers

Top 10 Pride and Prejudice Cover Elements

As you can see, a man and woman together is the top thing shown on Pride and Prejudice covers. Unsurprising, given its central romance plotline of Elizabeth and Darcy.

But let’s talk about the covers that aren’t on the above infographic – the one-of-a-kind covers, for better or worse. I give you:

My Pick of the Top 10 Oddest Pride and Prejudice Covers

Also, because I do love my graphs, here’s a breakdown of 200 Pride and Prejudice covers by dominant colour:

Breakdown of Pride and Prejudice Covers by Dominant Colour

Breakdown of Pride and Prejudice Covers by Dominant ColourThis was a subjective judgement, and I tried pretty hard to categorise everything, but there were a few covers that I had to classify as ‘multicoloured’ despite my best efforts. As you can see, Pride and Prejudice covers come in pretty much every colour, with white being a popular but not majority choice.

OK, ready for the big finish? I give you 200 covers for Pride and Prejudice:

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  1. I am impressed by how hideous some of these are. That takes real talent.

    On the other hand, I’m also now envisaging a film noir version of P&P, and it is awesome. Thanks, Pulp Darcy Cover.

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